Parts & Services


Parts & Services
Our Service and Parts Department is comprised of factory trained marine technicians, with 50+ years of service experience in the Annandale area. We service all makes and models. Our Parts Department stocks a large inventory of OEM parts. Boasting the areas fastest service turnaround!!  Check us out!
When Calling in for parts, please have model and Serial number available. 
We Offer
  • Tune-ups
  • Custom Rigging/Motor swaps
  • Detailing
  • Dock & Lift Service – Installation, removal and repair
  • Pick Up and Delivery of boat or Pontoon
  • Trailer Rental (Pontoon Sizzor Lift only) Trailers Must be Returned by the End of same business day
  • Winterization
    • One hour winterization available (Monday-Saturday)  By Appointment only 
    • Wave Runners 2 and 4-stroke models.
    •         Fog engine- 2-stroke
    •         Remove water from cooling system
    •         Install anti-freeze in water system- 4-stroke only
    •         Change Engine oil and filter- 4-stroke only
    • Inboards (wake board boats and ski boats)
    •        Ballast Tanks
    •        Oil change and Filters
    •        Drive Units Only upon request
    •        Water Heater
    •        Complete Cooling system winterized
    •        Fuel conditioned and Fuel filter changed if appiled
    • Inboard/outboards (I/O) 
    •        Complete Cooling System Winterized
    •        Oil Change, Oil filter, Drive oil (gear lube)
    •        Fuel Conditioned, Fuel filter changed if applied
    • Outboards 2 and 4-stroke boards. 
    •        Gear oil changed both
    •        Fog engine-2-stroke
    •        Change engine oil and filter- 4-Stroke
    •        Fuel Conditioned and Fuel filter if appiled
    •        Special 4-stroke fogging oil with engine cleaner mix Installed
    • Storage
    •         Inside available- Limited Space with alarm
    •        Shrinkwrap and Lot storage- For customers that stored or purchased boat or pontoons within the past 5 years 
    • Shrinkwrapping for pick up available
1.5% month – 18% annual finance charge on all accounts not paid within 30 days of billing. All customer pickup boats must be picked up within 7 days of completion or a storage/handling fee of $15.00 per day will be accrued Unless prior arrangements are made with the staff.  Any questions should be directed to the service department.
Winterization Service-
  • On Inboard motor we use Corrosion protection biodegradable antifreeze (lake friendly)
1 hour winterization is available Monday – Saturday by appointment only
****** IMPORTANT NOTE – we cannot winterize a boat without keys!! ******
If you forget your keys the boat will not be winterized until the keys arrive!
Storage Rates Fall 2017
Inside storage    Limited space       $22.00/foot
Shrinkwrap w/storage                      please call for quote
Shrinkwrap only                               please call for quote
Lot storage only (no shrinkwrap)     please call for quote
Spring Fire-up is included with all boats stored at A1 Marine at no extra charge!!  Please note that other dealers may charge you $40 for this service.